About UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact initiative was started by the then UN Secretary-General Mr. Kofi Annan in the year 2000. It is a call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Today, it is the largest corporate sustainability initiative with more than 9500 companies and more than 3000 organizations, based in over 160 countries. The strength of the UN Global Compact movement lies in the fact that its fundamental faith rests on the local initiative through the establishment of independent country networks that use local knowledge to adapt and operationalise the ideals of the UN Global Compact Principles within local contexts. 

The local networks are expected to be the driving force behind the movement. Individual organizations and collectives are expected to highlight their best socially responsible business practices and try to ensure that the ideals of the Global Compact get deeply rooted and become pervasive within the business environment of the country. More importantly, the initiative provides an opportunity for business leaders, academics, and civil society members to come together in a common platform and engage towards ensuring a sustainable future for the planet.

The Local Network

The Global Compact Network Sri Lanka is a local body of the Global Compact. It strives to ‘sustainably drive Sri Lanka’s economic growth’ and position Sri Lankan businesses committed to incorporating the Global Compact Ten Principles into their practices onto a global platform. The Global Compact Network in Sri Lanka is the local body of the GC and was the winner of the Asia Pacific Local Network in 2009 and the Top 10 Best Performing Local Networks in 2012.


To drive corporate sustainability with global credibility, which will help position Sri Lankan businesses committed to embedding UN Global Compact principles on a global platform.


The UN Global Compact supports companies to:

1. Do business responsibly by aligning their strategies and operations with Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption; and

2. Take strategic actions to advance broader societal goals, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation.

The Downloadable Starter Pack

Downloadable Starter pack