Local Network Engagement Frameworks

Local Network Engagement Frameworks were developed to engage stakeholders and corporate participants more effectively around Global Compact issue areas. Through issue-focused activities on learning, policy dialogue and action, Local Networks have a unique opportunity to foster effective global-local learning; adapt key corporate sustainability issues for country specific contexts, and mobilize businesses around UN goals and priorities.


Inspire participants’ organizational learning, and support companies to develop and implement corporate sustainability strategies, operations and management practices in line with the Global Compact Ten Principles.

Policy Dialogue

Aim to bring businesses and other stakeholders together to exchange best practices, identify new and emerging issues; promote multi-stakeholder trust and interaction; and support advocacy to policymakers.

Collective Action & Partnerships

Through partnerships, private and public actors can combine their resources, skills and expertise to enhance results and impact. With collective action multiple companies join forces to engage in identifying, developing and implementing innovative solutions to systematic challenges.

Business for Peace
Caring for Climate
Children's Rights and Business Principles
Corporate Water Stewardship
Human Rights
Supply Chain Sustainability
Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)
Collective Action and Partnerships